...All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain....

- soliloquy from Blade Runner

Bits and bytes do get lost, awash in the rain of data flow that is Internet. They slip away from us, never to found again... some of them will be captured here, many more will not... like tears in rain...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fiddle, fiddler on the roof

Fiddles are scaled down environment accessible via web, used to testing, demonstration, or just to share snippets. They usually have a window split for code, markup, output... Very handy.

I've used JSFiddle a lot since it allows you to add easily many popular frameworks, like jQuery, KnockoutJS, Prototype, AngularJS and even allow you to specify how you will run your code (onReady, onLoad...).


It has echo API to simulate API calls.

 Then there is Plunker - it's grown up sibling. It has link to GitHub and ability to split code into multiple files. I really liked it, and my only issue is that they succumbed to Web 2.0 fad and named the site by skipping vowels, making me mistype the site name _every_single_time.


 But beside that unfortunate name, it's really useful tool, good for fast prototyping.

And last one I've found is SQL Fiddle:


It has a list of supported databases (mySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and Postgress) that you can target. In one pane, you can create your db schema, in second pane, you can run your queries.

It supports OpenId login and accepts donations, although I couldn't find a link for donating. Looks like site is work in progress still.